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We encourage reacreation, in moderation. Safe use of cannabis is very dear to our hearts at Metamorphose. Are you afraid you or someone close to you is abusing cannabis or narcotics? Read the (dutch) articles below to know how you can help them or yourself.

Unieke Handgeschreven Prijslijst bij Metamorphose in Groningen

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Cannabis News Network


07 May 2019

Cannabis News Network is our main source for honest, factual news on all things cannabis related including its industrial, medical and recriational uses.

Cannabis News Network

Where are you?!


29 April 2019

Metamorphose is located at a three minute walk from Grote Markt, smack-dab in the middle of Oude-Boteringestraat, at number 53/1. Be on the lookout for our signboard!

New website


29 April 2019

Metamorphose proudly presents our newest website: Fresh, happy and dynamic. Now fully supported in English and Dutch!

Cannabis Voter's Guide


19 April 2019